August 1st, 2013
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 10.1


New release (20130801-2) of CM10.1 for S3 Mini is available!

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation (only from stock ROM).

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • HD 720p video recording
  • HD 720p video playing
  • flickering is gone (almost all changes which we made for fix it on CM10 are ported, when we port rest of them phone will get smoother)
  • new, made by us, Bluetooth driver (instead of buggy Samsung’s one)
  • new, made by us, display driver (instead of buggy Samsung’s one)
  • updated Mali-400 (GPU) drivers
  • cleaned up ramdisk/kernel/device
  • removed unused services
  • OMX (video acceleration) layer is now build from sources, also cleaned from no needed stuff
  • libblt (camera lib) is now build from sources, also have been optimalized by us (now camera works faster and smoothly)
  • GPS driver update
  • fixed broken in ealier today release RIL


  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • Wi-fi
  • bluetooth
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • native Wifi tether
  • camera (normal/panorama/camcorder)
  • Google Play
  • full CM10.1 functionallity
  • CPU sleep mode
  • App2sd support
  • SIM Toolkit
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no flicker
  • full hardware video acceleration (720p)
  • YouTube HQ
  • Wifi direct
  • 3.0.84 kernel


  • none

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • OliverG96 (OMX fix)
  • tom3q
  • lupohirp

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

255 Responses
  • Daniel says:

    Czy to ten w pełni funkcjonalny release o którym pisalismy na facebooku? Pozdrawiam!

  • Gianluca says:

    love you guys !!!

  • jcccccc says:

    This is it !Thanks again and again 🙂

  • Theo says:

    Thank you very much for your work, Maclaw!

    I have a question regarding your CM port – does it have Fast Dormancy activated? My carrier seems to support it since battery usage is sensibly higher on 3G than the stock ROM (I only have CM installed since yesterday so I didn’t test enough yet).

  • foreneo says:

    You are a fucking genius!! all the team thnks a lot

  • S3aF says:

    BIG THANKS for your work on this. I was really looking forward for this release. (y) 🙂

  • serif says:

    finally….thanx for all effort..i appreciate u…

  • bob says:

    Thank you sooooo much <3

  • thirdy says:

    ohh!! god!! thank you soo much devs!! this is freaking awesome !!

  • Merkur9 says:

    Cool stuff 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  • Yunus Elçi says:

    Can I install the older version on ?

  • Simone says:

    hey guys call don’t work… help please

  • Gianluca says:

    whats app isn’t working

  • Marco says:

    this is freaking awesome !!

  • MMMM says:

    Great news

    Is it ready for daily use

  • Arnau says:

    DS usually doesn’t work…

  • Tim says:

    Works like a charm!

  • vinu says:

    i want multi boot power menu where is it?

  • Maxi says:

    This isn’t a “paypal thanks”, but THANK YOU guys!

  • Elias says:

    Hello and many many many thanx!!!!I noticed that after your last update wifi scan doesn’t work

  • Simone says:

    aaaahhhhh ye ye ye rock maclaw!
    tnx to all
    now wait ubuntu’s touch porting 😉

  • jerryd says:

    Panowie. Jest mocno nie halo. Dziala wszystko z wyjatkiem telefonu. Nie moge dzwonic i nikt do mnie sie nie dodzwoni. Zrobilem factory reset, bez efektu.

    • Macław says:

      Już ustalaliśmy, ściągnij jeszcze raz i będzie cacy 😉

      • Jerryd says:

        A podziałacie coś z bluetooth’em, w porównaniu z poprzednim wydaniem paruje się z zestawem hf ale dzwoniący słyszy szum, ja kompletną ciszę, przy wysyłaniu muzyki na zestaw czasem słychać przerywany dźwięk.

  • jerryd says:

    Jest cacy 🙂 dzieki.

  • testing2 says:

    OK, WiFi now works but I still could not connect to any network.. 🙁

  • Renato Aguiar says:

    The md5 in download page doesn’t match the calculated md5.

  • Erickson Sorin says:

    The radio FM works??

    I know much people really don’t care about that but i really liked listening on mornings…

  • Evolez says:

    Great work, thanks alot. Everything works like a charm except profiles.

    That profiles has issue in all your releases, just i was lazy to write. np for me, just warning you incase

  • WoW wow!!! Big thanks, Maclaw Studio!!! ^_^

  • Renato Aguiar says:

    It’s ok now. Thanks 🙂

  • DocMAX says:

    BT A2DP still choppy! Useless!

    • deconectat says:

      I also have sound quality problems when I use a bluetooth headset (works ok on stock rom).
      Everything else works perfect! Good job! 🙂

    • Michiel4 says:

      I have also problems playing music while bluetooth connected with my phillips dock station. Hopefully this can be fixed.Everything else works great. Thanks

    • Oliver says:

      same problem here with my lg hb700 headset

  • Kanjski Alen says:

    definitely rom for every day and usage. BRAVO

  • lucas says:

    I think the best rom i’ve ever flashed… paypal donation will come if you say me how to turn on the debug usb mode. I strictly need to use MyPhoneExplorer….

  • vinu says:

    hey guys call don’t work… help please

  • vinu says:

    sorry du..same problem,Other than that everything is great, Smoothest ROM, Other users can you make phone calls, please check it out

  • Yunus Elçi says:

    I can’t dosen’t work please help me.

  • Nobunaga says:

    hey, if i turn off my phone, can i charge battery the phone without phone will turn on again ?
    sorry for bad english, please answer my question 😀

  • phcorner says:

    Using this mod, I cannot visit all this websites:

    Is this domain block on this MOD? 🙁

  • Tindo says:

    Awesome work guys. I have played Helles Gelles, GTA: Vice City, GTA III and NFS: Most wanted without a problem.

    I have given up on the GPS. I will have to find an alternative to Sygic.

  • nov says:

    how about the wifi tether?have anyone test it?
    btw its a wonderful job maclaw!!
    i’ve been waiting for it 🙂

    • Macław says:

      Yes, fully working. Do you want screenshot or do you belive me?

      I’m using wifi tether everyday so I have to fix it 😉

  • tom4xc says:

    Some video streaming apps not working, like “YLE Areena”.
    Also, where is FM Radio?

    Thanks maclaw and marcin! You’re awesome.

  • APN not work to modify it or add new APN

  • xdanek says:

    Kamera i NFC działają ?
    Camera and NFC work?

  • fafluhte says:

    Też macie taki problem, że podczas połączenia jest słaba głośność i dopiero po naciśnięciu guzika głośności do góry czy też do dołu robi się głośniej ??

  • iKlutz says:

    Hi Maclaw. Thanks for this incredible ROM, best benchmarks I’ve ever had on GT-I8190, antutu scored 7365, 7410 and 7418 during 3 tests, insane!

    P.S. AOSP 4.2.2 keyboard in this rom, sliding feature is broken 😛

  • Anon12 says:

    Maclaw and Marcin, could you port HALO from PA to CM10.1? I think it would be awesome! A lot of people like HALO (I love it *_*). Awesome work dudes, you’re the best developers!

  • kiko530 says:

    where a can change the place of clock or the color ?

  • Luiz says:

    whats app isn’t working

  • Acquah says:

    I have been flashing your ROMs on my I have an s3 mini but don’t know how to flash your ROM on it..can anybody please give me a link to a tutorial? Thanks

  • nanang says:

    Hi maclaw,

    How to swap external sdcard to internal sdcard with this ROM? Its possible or not?

    • Serj Cheptsov says:

      Got the same trouble.
      Scripting method seems to work on stock rom, but I try this for hours on CM and nothing useful for me.
      I want applications (play music, 2gis maps) to save their cache (very huge cache) to SD.

      Is there any way to fix the whole file system of the phone and make it like other phones’ one (with “sdcard” folder bind to external sd card) with putting that fix right into a ROM?

    • apriores says:

      It seems that very few people are interested in this feature… I hope one day someone will find a working method for CM10.1.

  • daniel says:

    Any alternatives to FM radio that don’t eat my data?

  • Jorge says:

    Is there that CM version for Gio ?

  • Battery bad and loast signal every time and reboot phone and signal back for 2 m

  • This is note to get exllent rom

  • klaus says:

    Hi, great ROM, just updated to it after using the predecessor on daily use… Still, I knoe I’m boring, but any chance for a bln enabled kernel?


  • @_eamm says:

    Greetings from Venezuela,

    Problems with Internet, only works Whatsapp, but things like YouTube, Google Play, etc, fail in the conexion. Those things work with WiFi without problems.

    I can make calls and send SMS.

    Congratulations on the progress.

  • rodrigo says:

    The ROM is great… But the signal is not good…
    And i cant make streaming dropbox videos…

  • Kevin says:

    Hey. maclaw, is the battery ok? Anyways, can you make the battery life longer?

  • Lucas says:

    Bluetooth headset calling has awful audio. Actually it cant be used

  • paul says:

    Am I the only one having issues with Bluetooth? file transfer and connection are working like a charm, but when I use it to talk through my car’s Bluetooth I can only hear static noise…
    The rest of the ROM is simply fantastic: fast, stable and with the right battery consumption. Thank you VERY MUCH for this!

    • Oliver says:

      same problem with my BT headset

    • Lucas says:

      The same for me

    • Sven says:

      Same for me. Tested with Amundsen+ in my Skoda Superb (identical with the RNS315 from Audi and VW). Also testet with the RNS-E in my Audi.
      Additional the volume while calling is very low. Pushing louder won’t work directly. First you need decrease the volume once to raise it. The setting is lost after the call.

  • Gabi says:

    The ROM is great! But I have a issue whit my SD card, when is inserted in the phone and I go to settings storage the settings force close without SD have no problem. I tried to redownload the ROM, clean install but no success… Can u add reboot to recovery, hot reboot and developer settings? Because I experienced phantom touches with all ROM’s I start to beeline that is a hardware problem with my phone and I use show touches to not getting angry when the phone display is not responding. Tnx! Good work you do, guys!

    • Gabi says:

      Never mind, something wen wrong, my SD card is damaged and I don’t know why. I never remove SD when flashing my phone.

      • Gabi says:

        So, I plugged SD to PC, all my music and photos are there, I copied to HDD, formatted SD (fat32), copied back part of files and music and no success still no ext SD on my phone 🙁

  • KrZEd says:

    Can i install this rom on my GT- i8190N?

  • tom says:

    call don’t work help please. Will you make a new update ?

  • Konavg says:

    thanks!! this is great..

  • spanman says:

    Thanks, finally decided to give it a try and I must say it works good. Email,vpn,calls messages , wireless everything that I use works for me. One thing though before my MAC address was F0:5A:09 (Samsung) now my MAC address says 00:90:4C (EPIGRAM, INC) is there any reason for that. I have MAC filtering and bandwidth usage by MAC on my network.

  • Phoenixray says:

    maclaw and marcin,
    can you work on cm9 for ace again and fix online video support? cannot watch videos online with default video player like cm7 or 2.3.6. please do reply.

  • César says:

    can i install this on my GT-8190L, i dont want to get a brick D;

  • constantinosd says:

    Bluetooth headset and audio profiles not working; only static noise. Tested with car audio and BT headset.
    Camera produces very soft images. Camera is slow in focus (compared to stock one)

  • Alex2553 says:

    Beautiful work to bring the CM10.1 fully functional on our S3 Mini. I am Italian, carrier wind, I have a I8190n, and I found a problem that only one out of ten called the voice is low. For now, the rom seems to work great. Keep it up! For all those who say it does not work the line, it does not work the bt or another has not happened in 2 days I am using this fantastic rom!.Beautiful work to bring the CM10.1 fully functional on our S3 Mini. I am Italian, carrier wind, I have a I8190n, and I found a problem that only one out of ten called the voice is low. For now, the rom seems to work great. Keep it up! For all those who say it does not work the line, it does not work the bt or another has not happened in 2 days I am using this fantastic rom!.
    Per italiani: La rom funziona benissimo sul mio i8190n, l’operatore va più che bene, le chiamate funzionano e non crasha e whatsapp viber e tango vanno benissimo!
    Ciao Ciao,
    Bye Bye,
    Alex 😀

  • smone. says:

    a ja to czekam na poprawiony AOKP bo bez tabletUI to jak bez kciuka 🙂 dawać chłopaki dawaaaaać ^^

  • Angyisz says:

    Hi Maclaw, I downloaded and installed this rom some times, checked the md5 sum, but I can not make a call, and if I call my phone from another, it is not ringing. What can I check to solved this?

  • jannick says:

    Great work. Working just perfect so far. Thank you so much. Best rom for this iPhone so far.

  • jannick says:

    Damn auto correction. I didnt mean iPhone. Just phone. Hate iPhone

  • fafluhte says:

    Mam małe pytanko. Czy działają wam powiadomienia o nieodebranym połączeniu, tzn. chodzi mi o ilości nieodebranych połączeń przy ikonie telefonu ?

    I have a small question. Is the work you notice a missed call, that I mean the number of missed calls on the phone icon. ?

  • Suen says:

    The arrangement of flash icon(camera) on,off and auto is wrong…
    Pls correct it, thx ~

  • Handhika says:

    anyone know how to swap internal memory to ext?

  • Hi
    Wifi direct dont show in shier option when want send any things

  • Marcos Gonzalez says:

    Vine and Instagram videos are force closing. :/

  • Eraham says:

    Hi Mclaw… This is awesome update… Because of this, I will use the CM Mod now! =) Thank you so much! Btw, being new with CM10.1, may I ask some questions?
    1. How can I change the Homescreen Wallpaper into full portrait image?
    2. How can I set picture in “OWNER” in statuse bar.
    3. Where can I see the fm radio?

    Thanks in advance Sir! Cheer! God bless! ^_^

  • Elias says:

    As i said before many thanx for your work!Keep it up!!Rom is great smooth and stable!The only thing i want to ask is if anyone has managed to lock satellites in sygic?

    • Tindo says:

      The phone can see a lot of satellites but it seems it can’t use more than 5 at one time. That being the case you will be able to get a fix on your position but you will not be able to navigate in Sygic. The fixes I have found and tried all involve the gps.conf file in /system/etc/ and they all don’t work.

  • Riba says:

    After instalation baseband: XXXXX, can’t conect to network, no calls…wtf

  • cesarea says:

    Wonderfull.The god is being with to you 😉

  • nyan says:

    who does app2sd work? i tried to use it says it does not support 🙁

  • nyan says:

    how do app2sd work?

  • Jessee says:

    Thanks a lot Maclaw Studio! This ROM is just amazing. Video recording really does work and all the flickering is gone, how the hell did you do that?! GPS is the only thing that I haven’t got to work and google voice (or whatever the name is in enghlish), but everything else is working and supersmoothly. I’ll give u donation as soon as I get some money, u deserve that! 🙂 Maybe your site’s “title” should be finally changed to “Doing our best for ace, gio & s3mini” 😉

  • pikiranoli says:

    hello maclaw, i think that the wifi MAC address are getting changed since i’m using this rom.
    somebody had mention this earlier too that it changed from F0:5A:09 (Samsung) and now my MAC address says 00:90:4C (EPIGRAM, INC). hopefully you have time to fix this.
    BTW thank you very much for bringing us a fully working CM without any major flaw!

  • PiXeLiZeD says:

    How do the capacitive buttons (menu and back button) work??
    They don’t work for me, anyone else with this problem??

  • Prithvi says:

    Is there a way to combine pattern unlock and slide unlock as in stock roms ?? or is it used only separately across all CM ?? Rom works awesome, my daily driver.. Battery drain minimal with interactive governor…CPU control not possible, heard somewhere maclaw tell its not recommended. Anyways awesome upgrade.. Thank You Team Maclaw.. cheerss..!!!! (~-0)

  • Elias says:

    Hello.I want to ask if there is a chance to port videocall from samsung for s3 mini for this smooth cm rom?

  • Gianluca says:

    why not improve focal camera in the rom ???

  • Math says:

    Bug in volume while calling is still there. You need to press down and up volume to make it louder.

  • Luis M A says:

    Luis M. A.
    Hello maclaw, i have a problem with MAC address changed and says “00:90:4C…” and my mac isnt that,i wish you could fix this problem,in spite of that all is ok,thank you

  • Jesseee says:

    Let me correct GPS working here, at least with google maps. Even tho it’s slow, but still it is working! Here’s my new daily driver and I ain’t go back to stock based touchwiz ROMs 🙂

  • fresh_beef says:

    Maclaw, when i turned off my device for charging, why is it always booted again when plugged with the charger? is it a bug?

  • smorgar says:

    Havin a problem with internal storage. After latest 10.1 from maclaw i get only 4,6gb storage. My SD card is fine with 14gb free. I did a full wipe in clockworkmod and installed cm 10.1 again but no change in storage. So i got TWRP and tried full wipe (i think?) and installed 10.1 again with no change.Now ive searched google like a mad man but no luck. Seems like my partition is only 4,6gb large, not like 16gb as it should… Help? 😐

    • Macław says:

      In 4.2 internal storage has been moved from /data/media to /data/media/0, so if you have any files on internal storage when you had 4.1, you still have them. Remove these files or move them to 0 directory using any root file explorer.

  • Ino Kun says:

    now wait for MIUI S III mini 😀

  • Piratino42 says:

    Maclaw after install rom and kernel xperia U OC the phone baseband XXXX imei nit recognize etc….. Fix?????

  • Ertan says:

    Hello, I can not get notifications foursquare? notices what I do not, please help me.

  • Elias says:

    Hello.I am using your rom for three days nows without any problems but today i noticed that i couldn’t change the frequency or the governon of the cpu.Stucked in there any solution cause at the begining all was working.

    • TDS says:

      Same problem here 🙁 First three day alle fine. Battery lasts about 40 hours without problems. Now it drains. Saw that Google Backup Transport can be the problem, but turn off syncing with no effect.

    • Tätärää says:

      wlan off -> restart phone, this solved the problem. i think it´s gpslocationserver, load app betterbatterystats, than you can see all wakelogs

  • […] alla CM 10.0, nonché delle funzionalità della nuova release, vi invitiamo a consultare il sito di Maclaw che integra anche un utile servizio di bugtracker (segnalazione errori) per chi ha voglia di dare […]

  • Jesús herrera says:

    I have a problem with the clock Deconfiguring my device, someone else it happens or know how to fix it?
    Sorry for my english
    And thanks for the help.

  • […] alla CM 10.0, nonché delle funzionalità della nuova release, vi invitiamo a consultare il sito di Maclaw che integra anche un utile servizio di bugtracker (segnalazione errori) per chi ha voglia di dare […]

  • Marco says:

    Hi! Congratz, Maclaw. Excellent job here and thank you for sharing this and letting us get this ROM on our phones. I have an i8190L and everything goes smooth, except for the Bluetooth when connecting a handset as only noise can be heard. There is also a terrible battery drain which is killing me as with the stock ROM I was able to use the phone all day long and with this release it dies on half day. If you could take a look into it, I am sure that more than one of us would reaaaaaaally appreciate it. I will register this on the bug tracker and if there is anything I can help with, just let me know. Details for other Mexican users. I’m with a s3 mini with iusacell. No problems at all with SMS nor phonecalls. Cheers!

  • adgud says:

    GPS doesn’t work for me at all. Will there be any fix for that?
    Could you also set up some place to discuss your roms as threads on xda have been locked.

    • Jesseee says:

      I had also problems but I tried to install my country’s gps config files from here and that worked. Now at least google maps finds my location in 10secs. Just search your country or country near you and install that flashable zip, it won’t harm your device 🙂

      • Tindo says:

        Stiil can’t navigate and that’s the one thing that I use regularly that doesn’t work on any CM10/10.1 rom. I’m now thinking the gps.conf is not the problem

      • mischa says:

        GPS doesn’t work for me correctly either. Sometimes i get a fix after waiting a long time.I installed the de.conf from xda but it didn’t get better.

        I have a GT-I8190XXAMA2 S3 mini

        Any ideas?

        • Mischa says:

          Still no luck, with my gps. I tried the fastergps app, but it didn’t get better.

          My p3110 easily finds 11 satellites after seconds where my s3 mini takes ages to get a fix with only 3 satellites.

  • Blog says:

    […] alla CM 10.0, nonché delle funzionalità della nuova release, vi invitiamo a consultare il sito di Maclaw che integra anche un utile servizio di bugtracker (segnalazione errori) per chi ha voglia di dare […]

  • agr3ssor says:

    I have a problem very weird, i turn off my phone to charge it, but when i plug it to the charger, it turns on by itself, even i removed battery, but when i plug it to the charger itself turns on! Help please.

  • […] CM 10.0, nonché delle funzionalità della nuova release, vi invitiamo a consultare il sito di Maclaw che integra anche un utile servizio di bugtracker (segnalazione errori) per chi ha voglia di […]

  • Johanseet says:

    applications confirm the phone number does not work with SMS (whatsapp, hangouts). help please

  • Florian says:

    Thanks a lot! The release is working almost perfectly and I’m enjoying it a lot!
    (Battery usage seems to be a bit higher, and sometimes status bar notices re-appear after discarding them, but that’s all I noticed.)
    Good job, will donate you some money right now.

  • Elias says:

    Tätärää thank for the tip.Half of the problem have been fixed.Now i can change governor and i/o scheduler only.If i change the cpu frequency and get out from the perfomance page all the values set back to min 200 max 1000.If i stay in the perfomance page all the cpu frequencies that i will chane work until i exit.Sorry for my english

  • Elias says:

    I have forgot to tell that my device also turns on if i plug it for charging even thow i have allready turned off.

  • Adriel Jabez says:

    Maclaw pls help me! This is Urgent! My S3 Mini battery drains quickly and message error appears when sending a message 🙁 Pls help me! Pls!

  • spanman says:

    Maclaw I forgot to mention bluetooth works however it takes roughly 10minutes to transfer a 8MB file from computer to S3Mini. Haven’t test it yet with bluetooth headset. I use this rom as my daily driver and i must say after 7 days of use its pretty stable to me no flicker, no drop calls sms works good. Keep up the good work.

  • NVTVS says:

    Recalibrate tour battery. It seems to work form me

  • Kirill says:

    Please, fix ‘slow’ on/off airplane mode and noise in camera.

  • Macław says:

    Redownload and reinstall…

  • aavvaallooss says:

    20$ for you. Thank you very much!

  • klaus says:

    It Loks linke the cam does not write exposure data into the exif region of a picture. In fact, there is very little written. I wanted to use Velis Auto Brightness, but this dos not work because of this. Any idea?


  • thanks to all bro..

    fine job..

  • Lucas says:

    Even in rom of. August app2sd not working and bt headset very bad.

  • JiaWei says:

    Got cpu stuck in 1000mhz bug ?

    • Macław says:

      Nope, it isn’t happening in my ROMs 😉

      • aluk4rd says:

        This isnt correct. 🙂 sorry but your ROM has this BUG too. Not allways, but in “special” situations; I use my phone as a nightclock (Dock clock plus) and of course its on charger, when this app runs. And sometimes (not always), when i wake up und unplug the charger, my phone stucks in 1000MHz like the Oliver’s does. But it is the only situation, when its happens 😉

  • StaTWann says:

    here can see how it works

  • Elias says:

    Its not a bug.If it has stucked unchek the option for keeping settings on reboot and also clear cache from recovery mode.

  • !D&L! says:

    GREAT!!! I really like this rom but i have a very bad phone signal, where i used to hav 3-4 bars i now have barely 1, i already tried to flash the radio fix and it works until i reboot,
    any ideas how to solve this problem?

  • geckoliz4rd says:

    Any plan for FM Radio in the future??

  • erwwwin says:

    Auto brightness not work?

  • ivanela says:

    Everything is working just fine, BUT i noticed that Bluetooh is working so freacking slow. I tend to get a lot of noise using my BT headset. Any idea how to fix it? =(

  • ivanela says:

    Everything is working just fine BUT i recently noticed that BLUETOOH is so freacking slow. When i use my BT heatset i tend to get a lot of noise. Any idea how to fix it? Help =(

  • jmpoder says:

    It worked fine for a week, now it’s rebooting, I get a video glitch, then reboots, that happend every 5-10 minutes from startup. I’ll take out the logs and I will install stock to see if it’s not a hardware problem, hope not :S

  • Dear maclaw,

    Stk.apk on my phone doesn’ shown at app drawer. But stk has installed in system/ app, can you help me to use stk on my phone

  • klaus says:

    Somebody else experiences this also? If I’m called the display stays dark. I have to press the home button to see who is calling

  • Rob says:

    Excellent Rom, thanks a lot Maclaw and Marcin great job. i only find 2 error.
    1.The bluetooth audio.
    2.The Gps notification bar Toggle is not working.

    The Performance menu its fully working? i can UNDERclock my cpu without risks?

    You Rock Guys!!!

  • Andrew says:

    Fast I need help!! I am having very poor battery life and charging takes for ever!! Can somebody help me???

  • Rui says:

    GPS not working

  • big.boss says:

    can’t charge when phone is off..
    it always on and reboot continuosly..

  • paul says:

    great rom 🙂 works great except for 3g , i need to know how make it work…..

  • expertti says:

    GPS won’t work well. Phone found only 2 or 3 GPS. I tried modded gps.conf but no help.

    Maybe its hardware/drivers issue. Please check it before upload newer rom.

  • Cyrano says:

    Many thanks for getting Cyanogenmod 10.1 to my s3 mini. It works great, except for the battery drain.:/ Please let me know what I can do to improve battery life. I’m missing entire days without charging.Something is just not right. Is it the cpu? What can I do? Would anyone suggest another rom? Peace.

    • Cyrano says:

      PS I’ve tried battery power saving apps, but they used to extend my battery life to extremes..right now they seem kind of pointless. 🙁

    • aavvaallooss says:

      Try changing, in Performance, Processor/CPU governor to OnDemand and I/O Scheduler to CFQ.
      Set both on boot and tell us.

  • Riba says:

    Problem with network operators… be exact I can see only one network operator and it is not my network operator… is any one else exp. the same problem, or is it only me…..btw I’m from Croatia, and I didn’t have any problems with your last relese of CM

    • aavvaallooss says:

      Settings->(Wireless & Networks)More…->Mobile networks->Access Point Names

      Select yours if unchecked or manually add if missed pressing the (+) sign

  • Kevin Samuel Christian says:

    Hello Maclaw. Thx for your ROM but there’s 3 issues i’ve faced it.
    1st –> Bluetooth audio playback. The sound is like play stop play stop play all the time.
    2nd –> i would say flicker is 98% gone. Why? Because whenever i play 2D games, there’s a chance it would flicker but very few times while 3D games dont.
    3rd –> When i disable HW overlays, video playback fails. Only sound was heard, the video is black.

    Other than that, i love this rom 😀

  • Twinsen says:

    ‘Android system’ still gets 52% of battery life… Why does it drain so much?

  • Marco says:

    Hello, tnx for the good work. I have many problems with battery, sometimes stop to charge and it is not at 100% (only with this rom) the usb is connected but not charge. And sometimes i lost about 35/40% of battery in 1 hour with screen off, especially when mobile internet switch E/3G/H.
    Sorry for bad english but the problems with charge are very bad

  • Jebús xD says:

    Hi its the third time i ve flashed my s3 mini and in all of them the keys beside the home button doesn’t appear in fact the led don’t show… What can I do?

  • SAM says:

    I have small problem with wifi and don’t it happens to me only or with others as well,
    I was using Skype video calling and wifi disconnected several times while video is on, also I found that connectivity range is less that Samsung stock rom, please guide me if I need to change any setting to fix that.
    One more thing I downloaded YouTube but whenever I start to watch a video it works for little then freeze after that it force close.
    Sorry for talking lots
    Thanks for everyone helped to make this to beautiful rom

  • yahoo says:

    How to set the touch key light duration?

  • Mehmet says:

    Thank you very much for 10.1. İt is perfect.

    I want to install cwm my s3 mini(I8190) but I did not do. Can you help me?

  • Mehmet says:

    how can i turn off notification light ( under light back & menu ) ?

  • Mustafa Jamal says:

    I would really love to use this, but I don’t know how to install this.
    Can we somehow get a tutorial?


  • Dmitry says:

    I have just updated to the latest version of CM 10.1 for my S III Mini but found out that it doesn’t connect to internet! On the previous release it connected. Help please!

  • Youssef El Sewefy says:

    Will you get Ubuntu touch rom for galaxy s3 mini

  • Dingens says:

    Hi there and a short question.

    If i update the release from 08.12 to a new one like 25.12 or 02.01 i get a error message if i active my wlan.

    There popup a simple message for ~3 seconds with “Error” and thats all.

    I wiped dalvik and cache but it didn’t help and if i downgrade to 08.12 or any older release the wlan work like a charme.

    Any ideas to solve this problem?

    I ask because i wouldn’t delete the complete system but i like to try the latest release.

  • Daniel says:

    Will we get Ubuntu touch for s3 mini?

  • Youssef el says:

    Are you close from getting us ubuntu touch??? Plz I am waiting for it!!

  • Leave a Reply