I want camera shortcut instead of mute at lockscreen.
Add this line in your build.prop (/system/build.prop):

How to join app and widgets together in Launcher app?
Add this line in your build.prop (/system/build.prop):

How to hide reboot menu?
Add this line in your build.prop (/system/build.prop):

How to turn on forced autorotate in stock Launcher app?
Add this line in your build.prop (/system/build.prop):

Where’s notification bar power toogles in AOSP?
AOSP is clean Android. Power toogles has been added by CyanogenMod team and it isn’t appears in clean Android sources.

When next release will be?
Who knows… Who knows…

333 Responses
  • kelso says:

    Hello. First of all thks for your awesome work.
    I have install this last beta version on my samsung galaxy gio.
    All appears to be work well with the exception the autorotation. I have tick already the option of autorotation but it does nothing when i turn my phone. There is something that i can do to that work?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  • Vyzygota says:

    Is there any chance for JB?

    Very big THX for your affort!

  • faiz says:

    sorry, but where to find this build.prop?
    sorry for being noob

  • SC says:

    i have enabled Lidroid 15 toggle mod on ICS took some time but it good now
    thanks for ur awesome rom 🙂 loving it now

  • ItsBambee says:

    Hi. I’d like to install the ROM, but I don’t know how. Please help!!!
    Thank you.

    • lukasz says:

      First root your dvice and install clock worldmod.recovery. After that make sure.you have rom file.on your sd and then boot device to recovery menu. In recovery menu make.master reset, whipe dalvik and cache then flash your rom.
      I hope it’s helpfull. You can also google.that for more info ^^ There is a lot.of video guides how to flash a.rom. Sory for.bad english. I’ve done my best ^^

  • Alessio says:

    can you add notification bar power in your rom please?if you want and if you have time. 😀

  • Jerzy Kubisiak says:

    how can i run fm radio??

  • Hey, Maclaw
    Awesome ROM and the Camera ist just PERFECT! I really, really like it! Good Job!
    But I have a question: Which A2SD script do you recommend or which is working good?
    Should somebody give me a step by step installation guide?
    Thanks. 🙂

    • Ender says:

      For Link2SD
      Oh and to know the storage you can also go to the apps menu in settings. Storage in settings menu is fooled into believing apps are on internal storage so it shows wrong memory. True memory is shown in apps menu.

  • Great job!!! Just a small problem: Seens there´s something wrong with GPS. The foursquare app says “invalid geo position” (ou something like this). I´ll install some gps tools to gather more data. Everithing else seens to be ok.

  • masterofdisaster says:

    Hey! I wanted to install your unofficial-cyanogenmod9-build (RC2) for Galaxy Ace, but I can’t find it on your website. I need a RC-Build, because I need my phone to work without any big bugs… Can you help me find where it is? Thanks

  • Meowshroom says:

    It seems that App2SD+ made it fail to boot
    Is it normal?

  • Alex says:

    I can not find my files on SD card. In the menu there is no SD card. Aosp ics beta3.

  • Compass or Gyroscope or IDK what is not working correctly, because Google Sky Map is showing things reversed.
    Not important, I just mentioned

  • SgtSteel says:

    Is this ROM rooted by default? 🙂

  • Luca says:

    How can use this ROM with S2E, because I flash this ROM but it doesn’t see ext3 partition on my SD?

    thanks in advance,

  • Victor Mota says:

    Hello! Any possibilites to manage home screens without a custom launcher?

  • Anatoliy says:

    I speak english bad, sorry for this! Cyanogenmod 10.1 for galaxy gio is very good! bugs 1 or 2 …. Why you dont copy some files for cyanogen and relace new good android sustem? pleace write me. I like you work) sorry for english)) write for email pleace ====} [email protected]

  • hello maclaw I wonder why I can not install Google Chrome in AOSP assuming that is a version of andriod 4.0 and that’s the version needed for an install it on google crhome

  • ja says:

    hej, mam pytanie… dziwna sprawa 😉 zwykły ace, powyższa wersja wgrana prawodłowo, wsyzstko przed instalacją wyczyszczone, sformatowane..

    problem jest taki, że po jakimś czasie użytkowania tło czcionek staje się czarne, tak jakby znikała opcja przeźroczystości, nie da się czytać sms /widać czarne kwadraty i prostokąty zamiast liter ;)/

    jakiś pomysł co dalej?

    restart czasowo rozwiązuje problem… czasowo

  • Rob1n says:

    Hi, guys, you are doing really very good job. I have installed RC1 on my Gio in early January and it works fine (except some forced close of apps)
    My question is: if I want to move to RC2, it’s enough to install ROM or should I wipe cache and user data ?
    Thx for answer even If you consider the question stupid 😀

  • charming prince says:

    i dont know how to install this plz help me

  • LuisPortugal says:

    My Message App, crash many times :S. Can you help me please??

  • What camara app works the video record?

  • 213 says:

    W FAQ powinno byc doesnt appear

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  • Gio says:

    I’ve installed the rom but when the boot done it says that the encryption is unsuccessful. What’s the problem. Thanks for the help

  • galaxy gio problem says:

    hi all.. i have a problem
    i installed this package : http://maclaw.pl/2013/02/15/aosp-rc3-is-here/ .. aosp rc3
    i did full wipe and after that i rebooted my system
    but the system it’s restarting and bring me to clockworkmod recovery ? what’s the problem. guys?
    sorry for my bad english

  • manuel says:


    how do i root the 4.2.1 update?
    i tried it with the update zip, but unfortunately it doesnt work.


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  • sripadraj says:

    Guys good job. Will the rom work on samsung galaxy ace GT-5830i ?

  • akshay says:

    please send me link to update my galaxy fit s5670

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  • Samil says:

    to operate Int2ext script you need the universal need init.d support.apk and then flash it Int2ext the zip!

  • johnyyyyy says:

    hello maclaw

    can you enable BLN support???

    tank´s in advance

    i just want to disable my lights, but my wife wants to use BLN CONTROL APP to change the way they blink

    sorry for my bad English

  • Mohammad Awadallah says:

    Dear Maclaw,

    The E-mail Exchange not available in JellyBean AOSP alpha2, but it’s shown in Manage App in stetting, so please how can i ude it 🙂


  • Navi says:

    hi there,these days,the ubuntu is getting out as an open source
    so,my suggession is,if you work on it for galaxy ace,
    you’ll surely get huge appreciation,thanks from thousands(or millions) of people.(of course ,including me)

    • Macław says:

      It won’t work on Ace ;p It’s other OS than Android at all and we have a lot things without sources, so no – I won’t touch Ubuntu.

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  • Hello…
    Which is better CM9(final) or AOSP(final)??..
    sorry for asking, i just cant choose which is better in the two great Roms…=.=..

  • pavapizza says:

    Thanks for the final release of CM9 maclaw. i just have a couple of questions. its generally smooth, but sometimes its sluggish for about 4 seconds and then its normal again. is it possible because im using cronmod int2ext+? and btw i edit the buildprop dalvik settings from fast to jit because using the latter seems to reduce the lag a bit.

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  • jose carlos says:

    olease post me tutorial instalation yours roms i brazilian people, o apreciate yours works

  • Leandro says:

    Hi, I’ve been having a little problem maybe It’s just me.
    I’ve downloaded the last build for Galaxy Gio but I can’t seem to find the options to change the batery icon, the number or screens on my phone etc, basically the System tab on the settings.
    Anyone knows how I can change that? It’s weird that I don’t have it…

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  • Jack says:

    AOSP Final1
    Battery often empty; Many chrashes of diffrent App’s.
    But much better System like 2.3.

    What is the difference between AOSP and CM?

  • sukhwinder says:

    can I install these rom on galaxy ace duos gt s6802 ……… plsss tell me will be thank full to u

  • aditya says:

    give me some other link than adfly.com because it shows connection timeout and download is not resumed

  • Aashish says:

    Hey Excellent work..
    I did this for the first tym, I know i am being very naive at this.. but any idea how i can get the contacts backup file created via Kies back into the phone ? as u must b aware Kies won’t work any more..

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  • Guys, my ace is running the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 (AOSP) final 1 and I have tried to update it to the newest, but the updates aren’t working… What could the cause be?

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  • Max says:

    Hi, first of all, I’m sorry for my bad English. I’d like to congratulate for the excellent work. Just one question: would Link2SD work on Gio with Jellybean 4.2.2 (CyanogenMod 10.1) 20130513? Thanks.

  • Duru says:

    Which ACE are supported? I got an ACE s5839i, do you support this version? Cheers

  • That guy says:

    The ace version works for S5830B or strictly S5830?

  • Alan:) says:

    Hello Maclaw
    My question is stupid but i have some dude

    In what helps OldDroid in MaclawStudios??

  • Alan:) says:


    Will you release an final version or rc for AOSP JB?

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  • andres says:

    sim toolkit does not work

  • Lukas Thöne says:

    It’s a really great rom 😀 but my mobile internet won’t work ? can you tell me how to fix that ?

  • Leito says:

    where i can download CM 10 BETA 1 S3 MINI?

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  • Bartek Bury says:

    Zajebiscie… Been waiting for a smooth working version of 10.1 for months now…. Dzieki. Word on the street is: 1080p video is perhaps a possibility with the s3 mini??? any news?

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  • mm says:

    firstly lol thanks for the roms (for ace)
    but… i’m like a noob and idk what to do with AOSP? like my phone lags sometimes(ok like a lot) but i can’t figure out why, when everyone says it runs smoothly etc. another thing is that i can’t change the lockscreen wallpaper? lol yep that sucks a bit. oh I’m using the ics rom tho… and i cant really debug my phone by usb because i dont have a usb so is there anyway it can be done automatically on the phone? lol ya i hope you reply

  • mm says:

    also i can’t download a lot of apps? lol i know you can download .apks but it’s too much of a hassle…

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  • unknown says:

    what are you prefer on you ace? which rom is better in your opinion ?

  • a says:

    what script for enable navbar likes xperia?

  • unknown says:

    will you make a update for cm9 ace/gio. because that rom is amazingly stabil that is faster rom ever for ace/gio.

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  • Steven Dempster says:

    Great release cm 10.1 1/8 for Mini and bluetooth now stays on but still stutters on streaming audio. Were you aware of this?

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  • GioNoob says:

    I am using gio and i am thinking about flashing cm10.1. Can i overclock my gio using the kernel included in cm10.1? Sorry for bad english.

  • Hello.
    My bluetooth keyboard and earphone not working with their rooms in my S3 mini.

  • roland says:

    Hi. Just downloaded New release (20130811) of AOKP for S3 Mini. Good work and beautiful ROM! But…. Bluetooth is not working properly (choppy sound). Help!

  • GioNoob says:

    Can you help me? Is galaxy gio cm 10.1 overclockable? Thanks.

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  • Aleksey says:

    Hi. I’ve installed AOSP JB RC2. Good ROM! But some apps like as Foursquare, Instagramm, etc. can’t be installed with message: “This app is incompatible with your phone”. What is the reason? Help me, plz.

  • José says:

    well for me the cm_gio-ota-eng.final3.zip get one error afther the pin code saying it couldnt do something about the configs and i must do a factory reset to get my phone normal. -,-” why u say its for gio if it doesnt work

  • George says:

    need help installing jb on a gio. keeps freezing at the boot logo. thanks

  • zottelhase says:

    Does the cyanogenmod 10.1 support nfc? i got a s3 mini with nfc and i dont find where to enable nfc ;(

  • Phuzzy says:

    Hey, I installed the Jellybean 4.2.2 (AOSP) RC2 on my Galaxy Ace, but i have 2 issues.
    1) The screen for entering PIN is messed up. Top half of screen is empty, everything is squeezed into the bottom half.
    2) Gallery App thinks all my Pictures are videos and doesnt show them.
    Any solutions on that?

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  • Ger1982 says:

    I’m having an issue with process GPSLocationProvider run by system. Sometimes, when I start the smartphone is running from the beginning causing a serious battery drain problem. Sometimes does not run. I cannot find the reason why it runs yet. Anyone is having the same issue?

  • chrismue says:

    Hello, after installing the new release (20131016) of CM10.1 for S3 Mini, my battery looses energy very fast and the cell’ feels warm. Any idea?

  • david says:

    having a slight issue with the battery. not sure if its the actual phone or the os, but the battery will charge then all of a sudden (while still plugged in charging) the battery indicator will jump back down to like 20% or something. any thoughts?

  • Hugo Silva says:

    hi, i tried many roms for the samsung galaxy gio in the download menu and any of them have the contact list when i write a new message…
    How can i have the contact list in the new messages like exist in the older versions ?


  • Daniel Reyes says:

    Hello I want to congratulate the developer for this excellent ROM, everything works fine only if I have a problem I install whatever version, I no longer work please capacitive buttons as solves that problem because even restarting the phone or reinstalling corrected, CAPACITIVE BUTTONS DO NOT WORK

  • Jopeke says:

    Hello, new at installing Roms. Can I install the roms with cwm or do I have to use odin?

  • lkdasa says:

    Hi, I’ve installed 10.2 on my GTI8190. Android works but it doesn’t appear to see my sim, so no network access. I’ve tried different sims, but no luck. Any idea?

  • AlbanDanial says:

    Hello, maclaw i had fun with the roms for the s3 mini but could you tell me how to flash back to stock rom as i need to send it back to the shop

  • Maza says:

    Hey guys!

    Just install the new 4.3.1 rom…works perfectly fine just as the 4.2.2 did.

    One thing I noticed on my s3 mini is that the “vibrate on touch” intensity is very low or nearly non existent.
    How can i increase the vibrate on touch intensity?

    Note : the vibration for alerts(Call, Texts, Notifications, etc.) works fine.

  • Willkynson says:

    I have a problem when I install any version of android 4 and after some time at work restarts phone. Consult!

  • Lucas says:


    after installing the AOSP 4.0.4 Final2 and startgn the phone, i get this error:


    Encrytion was interrupted and can’t complete. As a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible.
    To resume using your phone you must perform a factory reset. When you set up your phone after the reset, you’ll have an opportunity to restore any data that was backed up to your Google Account.

    So i did a factory reset, and wiped the cache.
    But i have the same problem.

  • Hello I found this very good ROM and stable, the only thing that was not like the contacts app, I think he’s too simple, should be more complete with more configuration options. More than that, I have no more to talk about this Rom.
    very very good.

  • Leonardo says:

    I have a problem with reboot!! You can help me?
    (CM10.2 November 12)

  • Youssef El Sewefy says:

    Hey! I have a problem installing it! When on recovery mode it says “installing update” and then shows me an error message! Please help me what to do….

  • Ich5003 says:

    When I click on “System update” in AOSP, its opening the update.php page.
    But there is an PHP-Error 😉

  • raphael_partelle says:

    I have a problem with version 10.2, November 21. My phone turns off the screen randomly, and then no longer responds to my commands. I do not know if it turns itself off or just stops responding buttons. whenever this happens, I need to take the battery out and replace, so it returns to normal. I did factory reset, wipe data to install this version, because the problem comes from other versions, but the error continues.

    Please help me. Thank you. Sorry for bad english.

  • Oz Mendez says:

    Hello, I have a problem with the original boot logo. After you install the switch on now makes me a graphic mess and I can not get to recovery mode. We appreciate your prompt solution to my problem. My phone is a I8190L. thanks

  • Vlad says:

    Hello . I have 10.2 CM with maclaw kernel and my battery is discharging so fast (56% kernel) any alternative?

  • Raphael.Partelle says:

    My phone turns off the screen and then does not turn on again. I can only connect if I remove the battery and place it again. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

  • Pijen Omar says:

    hi maclaw, just a tiny problem. how to install the original bootlogo for i8190N? i already tried to flash the zip file that i downloaded from your download page but failed. tried using both cwm and your TWRP recovery but still no success. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance 🙂

  • Eduardo says:

    well i have 4.1.2 factory system, ive rooted my device, can i just update like this method witout anything else?

  • Hugo says:

    Maclaw, can you put the “Motion” settings that there are in stock rom “Settings / System” on the new CM 4.4 rom? I know that it isn’t your priority now, but these settings are very nice.

  • Junior Abrahao says:

    I tried CM11 Android 4.4 but I can not go back to CM10.2. it Installs normally but after it stays in infinit boot screen loop. Please help me! :/

  • John M says:

    I have no reboot menu when trying to shut down phone, just shut camerasa down…..howdo I get that back.

  • Divesh says:

    Will the cyanogen mod work on GT l8190N (NFC model)

  • Divesh says:

    I have installed cm 11 on my s3 mini but wen i open the messaging app i always get a pop up saying “The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly”… n after that i lose my network and need to restart. I have also tried go messaging app but the same happens

  • Ivan says:

    Hello guys!Thank’s for these fantastic Roms, but how i can activate Wi-fi Direct on CM 10.2 ?

  • John M says:

    Hi, I found it, go into WiFi>Settings and its in there. That was god I forgot about that.

  • John Solano says:

    CM 11.0 for S3 Mini needs more call volume and more speaker volume. Please, notified to Maclaw.

    Escuse me for my English, i’m speak Spanish.

  • John Solano says:

    CM 11.0 for S3 Mini needs more call volume and more speaker volume.

    Excuse me for my English, i’m speak Spanish.

    • iubi says:

      That´s wright yes please more call volume, this is important when you are on the street i can hear so good the person which call me. Please do something

  • ZiT says:

    i’ve tried all s3 mini roms, and i have always the same issue : the sensitive buttons don’t work.

    anyone can help me ?

  • David93X says:

    First thank you for all your great work,
    I was wondering isn’t flashing a ROM every day or two wear out the actual “ROM” as it’s supposed to be written on only when necessary?
    and if so, how often would you recommend we flash a new ROM?

  • faritz1903 says:

    how to swap memory external to internal on kitkat 4.4.2?

    • paijo says:

      i have same question,
      in other version it just edit vold.fstab under /system/etc .. i have no idea on kitkat 4.4.2, i can’t find vold.fstab

  • JVinhais says:


    is normal video call (3g) is not working??

    Keep up the good work

  • Mika says:

    how to change the memory locations?

  • Elmario says:

    It’s great there’s someone creating custom fws for our misunderstood S3 Mini!

    But I got a problem with AOKP 4.4.2:

    I can’t set the phone to GSM only Mode, like i could with stock firmware. I only can set the ‘preffered’ mode to 2G/3G but I’m not sure if this completely disables the UMTS transceiver for saving lot’s of energy. Also, if i set 2G to preferred, it will be set to preffered 3G after rebooting always. Could you please have a look at this, as it’s crucial to saving energy, thus making the phone at least 50% longer!

    Thank you 🙂

  • kevo says:

    greetings from mexico
    first of all I want to thank the excellent work you do for us

    I have a small problem with cyanogenmod rom 11.0 (2013 12 17) in my mini galaxy s3
    instagram when I enter the camera is not displayed even if you take photos let me know if they can fix it or tell me how it can be solved

    many thanks
    I hope your answer

  • rishi says:

    My sound is not working. No music, ringtone, touch sounds nothing. Only works when the earphones are connected. Otherwise only vibration. Please do something!!! On my s3 mini. Was on cyanogen mod 10.2 and now on 11 also.

  • I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini GT – l8190 using AOKP 4.4.2. I can’t use the feature people nearby at WeChat and when my smartphone in the off position and I Plug the charger, my smartphone turned on to life like no offline mode charging

  • Razvan says:

    Installed it last night and beside the shut down button with i see its been repaired i cannot sincronise my google accounts and the calendar doesnt show any events (stii connected with sync i think). If anyone has same problem please let me know. Respect and appreciation for your work YOU ARE GREAT. ps Merry Christmas

  • lukas edy says:

    Hello, Greetings from Brazil

    Thanks for the incredible work you do for us

    Come to my problem, I have a mini s3 and installed the” KitKat 4.4.2 (CyanogenMod 11.0) 20,131,224” version, but the camera is not working.

    Thank you. I hope your answer

  • Agunghr says:

    thankyou for this rom, i really like this

  • Fenrir says:

    Bello McLaw. Thanks for your great work.
    The rom cm 11 runs almost perfect. Just some problems with the camera when is used in another apks and the sounds system in my galaxy s3 mini

  • Eduardo Sardinha says:

    Hello Bello McLaw. Thanks for your great work. Come to my problem, I have a mini s3 and installed the” KitKat 4.4.2 (CyanogenMod 11.0) 20,131,225” version, but the ” S Voice ” is not working. many thanks
    I hope your answer…
    ps Merry Christmas

  • EMILN says:

    Hello, I have samsung s III mini NFC and I installed your rom and now when I want to upgrade by CyanDelta I can’t. Do you know why? Help me

  • Thomas says:

    Hello first of all many thanks for this amazing job.
    I’m using a 8160p version of the ace 2 and I was wonderig if I could flash it with your CW11 rom? I’ve read several times that both devices require different roms. NFC doesn’t matter to me at the moment.
    Thank you in advance and enjoy your Christmas/new year’s time.

    • rubén says:

      Hi there, I have an i8160p and tried to install cyanogenmod 11 by removing some lines from the updater-script file as desribed here: http://jsmcomputers.biz/wp/?p=514 However now that I have booted the phone it does’t seem to recognize my SIM card. If I can come up with a solution I’ll let you know.

  • kanji21 says:

    can i ask if the default browser supports adobe flash player because i can’t use flash player when using the default browser. if possible, can i have the steps to alter or change the default browser to a browser that can support flash player? thanks

  • About Cyanogenmod 11 in Galaxy S3 Mini: battery. Since a few days I wanted to test this Rom (having before the stock rom from samsung). I see that the battery drain so fast compared to stock rom (which last a lot more). Is this normal? Also I don’t see an option like stock rom for powersave. Thanks.

    • Thomas says:

      I have installed today the same Mod to my S3 Mini – same issue – battery is draining fast… is there a fix – or some settings to change?

  • Lolo says:

    Using a ACE II 8160 P version, I tried to flash CM11 (20131229). It didn’t work with error saying this rom is for 8160 not 8160P. Is there a simple way to step over this matter, like for JB based roms (tee file).

  • pj1027 says:

    Po instalacji jednego z romów CM11, telefon gubi sieć, a jak już nawet złapie to zasięg jest znikomy. Czy mógłby mi ktoś pomóc i powiedzieć co powinienem zrobić by to naprawić? Próbowałem już wszystkiego i ani stock, ani wymiana folderu modemfs nic nie pomogły.

    Bardzo proszę o pomoc.
    Za wszelkie rady z góry serdecznie dziękuję.

  • when i update must i wipe data/factory reset & wipe cache partition or just instal rom & gapps ?

  • Jebús xD says:

    men, in the previous releases the buttons beside the home button does’nt work… what can i do to fix it

  • MarQus says:

    Please make NFC for S3 mini 🙂
    very thx

  • Philux13 says:

    Thank you for this great work.
    I have 2 problems:
    The first is the keypad to unlock the SIM card.
    The numbers are cut in half.
    The second is when I send sms.
    They are all sent twice.
    Thank you in advance

  • Kilo says:

    First Thank You very much for all the work you have done here.

    I have tried installing CM 11 and CM 10.2 on my Ace 2 and have run into the same 3 problems each time.
    Are you able to help with the following please.

    1. My sim card is not fully recognized and I have no access to any of my contacts.
    I am asked for the sim PIN on start up each time though.

    2. I have no access to my mobile network provider.
    The triangle at the top right never shows any bars.

    3. I cannot get access to my external SD card

    I have tried numerous installs and different known working sim cards.
    I have carried out factory resets, cache and dalvik wipes.

    Appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

    Thank you for your time here.


  • KBEÇA says:

    error when posting videos on Instagram, some correction? CyanogenMod 11 advance

  • S3mini-user says:

    Dear developers,
    Thank you for your efforts. I’m still undecided whether to root my phone and install a custom rom. I had the custom rom installed on my previous Android phone but this phone is tied on contract for 2 years. Next year (2015) my contract expires, so will the warranty. I hope that I can install the custom rom then.

    Thank you again.

  • Siva says:

    Hi Maclaw, first thanks for ur awosome work.

    I am a s advance user.I have installed ur ROM everything works great thanks. I have one issue WiFi direct is not working. Is there is any fix for that?

    Thanks again.


  • carm80 says:

    Hi, the md5 checksum is wrong for http://get.maclaw.pl/?id=9. Could you check it please?


  • ciasny wiesiek says:

    Q: Any CM ROM from Maclaw for S3Mini supports NFC?
    Q: Any other Custom ROM supports NFC in S3Mini, or Stock only?

  • Alejandro says:

    Hi Maclaw, first of all..amazing ROM it really is!, now my problem, it seems that the mobile network (3G- H – H+) i got doesn’t work anymore, i have tried rebooting the phone but it doesn’t seem to work. Any way to solve this issue? i am really worried.

    English is not my native language so please excuse any grammar mistake.

  • Good morning from Mexico. First, thank you very much for your awesome work. Some days ago I installed kitkat but I couldn’t find some customizations and I specially missed the transparent app drawer so I decided to give a try on the CM10.1. (you can tell this is the first time I am using your roms) Both roms are very good I loved them but in 10.1 every time I receive a message the back lights in the menu and return buttons turn on and remain like that. I already checked and unchecked the option in advanced settings but it doesn’t solve the issue. I hope you can tell me how to solve it.

  • Alejandro says:

    Hey! another issue, battery appears to be draining really fast! i dont know whats going on,
    please Maclaw help me with this one! Thanks

  • Tattoofreak says:

    Hey guys! I already installed months ago your Cyanogenmod 10.2 on my S3 mini. Is it possible to update to the newest version via CW Recovery without a backup first? Meaning: will all my apps and settings still be there after backup?

  • Tattoofreak says:

    …after update, not after backup of course, sorry 🙂

  • Tomáš Pieczka says:

    CM 11 – Samsung i8190n – plz SIM TOOLKIT needed. Thx.

  • hippoklops says:

    I installed CM11 to my S Advance, but I have excessive battery draining problem 🙁
    Does anyone knows any solution for this ?

    • seru giran says:

      I had the same issue. I found a program called OPG Pro. This program really optimizes the battery. If you have kit kat 4.4.2 you’ll need to install xposure and the module enable battery permission to get a full optimization.

    • AJ says:

      As of now I did not find anything like battery saving scheme on it. However you can try enabling developer’s options by tapping on Build Number 7 times. After wards go inside performance (Menu item below dev options) and use Power saver as CPU governer.
      1. Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap 7 times)
      2. Settings -> Performance -> Processor -> CPU Governor -> Powersave
      Now the phone will save a lot of battery as compared to previous setting.

      CAUTION: THOUGH THESE SETTING WILL INCREASE THE BATTERY DRAINING PROBLEM, BUT THERE’S A CATCH. After choosing power save mode, mobile’s overall performance will decrease. Little lags may be observed.

  • Michele says:

    Hi, is it possible to install cyanogenmod on my GT-I9070P?

  • dave smith says:

    Hi, thanks for taking the time and effort to get Kit Kat out to the masses. Looks geat only problem i have is every time i switch bluetooth on it says unfortunately android.bluetooth.com has stopped. I have the latest version from 170114. Any thoughts as to what i might be able to do to reolve. I have UK 1890N. Thanks again

  • How can I add nfc back to my phone on cm11 kitkat ?.

  • wasty says:


    I installled the mod. and it works great so far.
    But i’ve found an issue. getting my actual GPS position (high accuracy with WLAN/GPS… and all other accuracy options) take much longer than with stock ROM.
    This has the disadvantage that a good german app (“clever tanken”) reports a “position could’nt be found”.
    I even tried fasterGPS but it didn’t speed up. also google maps takes about 1 minute to find my position whereas it neede about 5 seconds with stock ROM.
    Is this an issue or am i doing something wrong?

    best regards and thanks lot for the good work


  • Roman says:

    Hey, I just wanted to fresh up my ACE with your 10.2 ROM, but unfortunately I can’t get the Playstore to work… I installed the package u provide, but all I get is Gmail – any suggestions? Thanks so much for all your efforts btw!

  • Bernd says:

    I have the i8190N and the last cm11 from 22.01.2014 and my wisch is NFC-Support in CM11.

  • Rafael Cruz says:

    Pregunta estúpida, puedo borrar el .zip de cyanogenmod de mi memoria interna? La ROM ya esta flasheada y me pregunto si algo malo podria pasar, alguna ayuda?

    English translation (sorry for any grammar mistakes)

    Ok dumb question, can i remove the .zip of cyanogenmod from my internal storage? The ROM its already installed and sill wondering if anything bad would happen. Any help?

  • Roberto Silva says:

    No updates for S2 advanced, why would not end if started? I’m sure the team hominy Team would not do it if I had no problems. that ugly

  • kenan says:

    hi my i8190 (cm10.2 golden) I installed it very nice, but I have a problem filling up 75% of the charge does not advance


    maclaw hello, I like the work you do very good and I hope they keep it up ….. a question …. how can I expand the internal memory mini s3? please if you can do with cm 11 .. from already thank you very much …

  • Dieggo says:

    Would it work in two i8160p ace?

  • christian says:

    Hi there! First of All big Thx to the guys workinf @this grest project! I really LOVE your ROM!! The only tiny issue I get is with proximity sensor. And I cant find nowhere under settings. Any help please? Rom CM11 Thx in advance to anyone who helps!!!!!

  • Andres says:

    hello Maclaw, the kernel of cm11 supports usb otg? i have a s3mini i8190L. please a kernel for this device with usb otg support!

  • Semivile says:

    Why not add Gapps comparison chart in FAQ? I think it’d be very useful to see which gapps version (full vs mini vs micro, etc.) contains which apps. It would make it much easier to select proper version before you download it…

  • Does this ROM support TYPE_GYROSCOPE_UNCALIBRATED and TYPE_MAGNETIC_FIELD_UNCALIBRATED sensors? I have downloaded 10.2, and it apparently doesn’t support reading uncalibrated sensors, so I’m trying to find out if that functionality has been added in more recent version? (Android 4.3 is supposed to support this ability, unlike all previous versions of Android.)

  • It has got NFC if you buy the “N” edition aka i8190N, also the UK has just released a new s3 mini with the NFC included.
    My NFC was working nice with stock before I installed cm11.

  • grifter190 says:

    My S3 has nfc and I really miss it since installing Release: CyanogenMod 11.0 (S3 Mini)…it did appear a couple of weeks with a link to NFC for S3 mini but with an hour or so it had gone again. Dont know what happened to it.

  • Juan Zamora says:

    How I can change selinux? To enable and install app data in sd card. Thanks

  • reydza says:

    greeting, how to install maclaw rom?

  • mlodyrusek says:

    Is there way to fix “black lock screen” problem?? I’m running Ace II

  • Tomas Plaza says:

    hello, anyone else having problems with the volume of calls, I hear very low to the person with whom I speak. I have the last update.
    I’m running S3 Mini

  • Diego Velàsquez says:


    Hello, I have a question this entry “http://maclaw.pl/2014/02/09/release-cyanogenmod-11-0-s3-mini-65/” is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Fame?
    Thanks Greetings from Colombia.

  • Paolo Locatelli says:

    Hello, I installed CM11 20140204 for Galaxy Ace 2 and I turned on the nightly updates.
    Even if I check manually if any update is available the answer is always “no updates” but since 4th february a lot of them have been released.

    Anybody has an idea of the problem?

  • i need help i am new to all this but i just flash the 4.4.2 kitkat on my s3mini and when i turn off my phone it keep turning back on what can i do to fix this pls help

  • julio says:

    hello. I would like to know what it means in google apps full | mini | micro | aroma?

  • Carlos says:

    Hello, I have an Ace II, for a few reviews of the ROM (I have installed the Cyanogen11) I have a problem with the calls: it is late very much in meets the one who calls you and on having answered, takes one or two seconds in hearing the speaker. Also it trumps me the app ‘ contacts ‘ when I activate her from the specific icon of the app, the application closes.
    Is there any solution?, for the rest the ROM is fine very much, infinitely better than the stock 4.1.2.

  • Jorge says:

    Hi, first thank you for this amazing services you bring to us, now.. i have this problem.. i just update CyanogenMod from my galaxy S3mini the lastest realease but google services aren’t working either play store so what i have to do?

  • Luis says:

    Hello, I’m really looking for help here. I can’t access to my ext sd car. please help!

  • Hello, I have your last upgrade is S3Mini, what would be the best configuration PROCESSOR PLANNER and saving battery without losing much fluided?

  • Keiron says:

    Hi Maclaw. I would like to thank you for this lovely Android operating system, which I have successfully installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. However, my main problem is that I am unable to contacts stored on my SIM carrd. I would like you to assist me in fixing this problem please. Thank you.

  • AJ says:

    Hi Maclaw and team. First of all thanks for fantastic work. CM11 firmware for galaxy s advance really helped me got rid of shitty Samsung Jelly Bean firmware which hanged at least thrice a day.
    I am using Feb build. I tried looking for filing the bugs faced but I found out that it is may be under construction. I am just waiting for bug tracker so that I can report issues and contribute in firmware’s quality. Is there some page dedicated where I can ask for help like customization other than described in FAQs. thanks much…

  • Oaljandro says:

    Hi can I use your Ace 2 CM11 rom on Ace2x or Trend gts7560m? which I think are kind of the same models, if not could you please do one for the samsung gaaxy trend gts7560m, regards.

  • Keiron says:

    Correction: Hi Maclaw. I would like to thank you for this lovely Android operating system, which I have successfully installed on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. However, my main problem is that I am unable to view my contacts stored on my SIM card. This is further proven when my neighbor sent me a text message and I saw only his cell number. I would like you to assist me in fixing this problem please. Thank you.

  • webwiller says:

    Hi m<<cL, just wanted to know. Everyrhingfine till 03/05. MyS3mini seemed to bug here 'n there (i.e tuned off unexpectadly or by no mean turn the camera on, things like that) Yesterday trying your ùcm11 latest update. ùùùùin realiy both phone and pc were fine but at first look it seemed to start but indstead kept, kept on giong thììwith the "samsun logo bkNK ON blCK SCREEN

  • levent says:

    Hello.(sorry my english bad)My phone Samsung galaxy ace 2.I’m using maclawstudio cynogenomod(20140305)

    * youtube videos not monitored(network problem error)
    * battery runs out quickly
    *add flash player support?

  • orlandopaco says:

    GT-I8190N (NFC), No nfc functionality!
    Nice work by the way.

    • John says:

      it never has from what I can gather I have s3 mini nfc enabled have been with maclaw since last end of November last year and is never worked and nobody will tell you if it ever will

    • John says:

      It seems I am not allowed to post about nfc my messages was deleted

      • John says:

        This too heavily moderated and its not fair on people that come hear expecting things and not getting it and not only that they arent even allowed to to know.

  • Yirmy says:

    S3 mini , play store and email, dont work,

  • Andrew says:

    Hi, guys. Thanks a lot for your awesome work. Your firmware has really given my Ace II new life. I’m really loving it. My Ace II used to freeze all the time running on the latest official Gingerbread – Not any more! Will be making a donation via PayPal soon.

    Unfortunatelly I do have a bug that needs your help. The phone is not able to connect to Kies (don’t know if it is supposed to with this new firmware mod), so I couldn’t restore my contacts list from Kies. I copied the contacts onto the phone as VCF cards and got them imported. It worked fine for a while, but then from time to time the contacts get erased and I have to re-import them again. I keep loosing my contacts about once every other day and it is kind of annoying. Is there a fix to this problem? Thanks

  • Cesar Amores says:

    Sorry for my poor English …. I can not use keyboard and mouse bluethoot …. any solution? I do not see the mouse cursor with the keyboard, nothing works … Is there a way to insert the screen turns off smart? one that works with your camera, if you look at the screen does not turn it off.

  • Dean says:

    I’m trying to mount a folder on boot. But no matter how where I put the script it does not work. My script is as follows:


    mount -o bind /storage/sdcard1/amazonmp3 /mnt/shell/emulated/0/amazonmp3

    I’ve tried putting this in the /system/etc/init.d, /data/local/userinit.sh and /data/local/userinit.d/amazomp3. I also set the premissions to 755 as well.

  • Christoph says:

    Dear Maclaw Team,

    first of all, thanks for the great work with modifying the CM11.

    Well, however there are still several Problems with my Phone witch i want to get rid of.

    1. There is neither Sound nor Vibration or Status Bar Notification with Aqua Mail and Whatsapp.
    2. The Phone switches off during charging at Night.

    Well, first i wan´t to install the latest Release (20131219 => 20140311 or higher)
    How can i just Update without restoring all the Apps afterwards?
    Is such a light and easy Update possible via odin or recovery AND whitch File do i have to Download (7mb Odin or 200mb zip)

    Thanks for your support 🙂

  • kaam says:

    There is no forum, rigth?
    I update the rom on my ace, but android does not start, it stock on a blue screen at start after samsung logo; i am using clockmod recovery (there is other recovery?)
    Thanks in advance for any help

  • Levent says:

    Hi.cm11.0_codina.maclaw.20140312.zip(Galaxy Ace II Rom) vk.com videos does not open browser.

  • RIchard David says:

    Firstly. Top marks to Maclaw for getting CM11 available on SGS3mini. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!

    I am currently running with the cm11.0_golden.maclaw.20140308 build, and everything works great. The phone has had a new lease of life and it is much more enjoyable to use.

    The only issue I am seeing is random shutdowns or reboots about once a day. 🙁

    I accept that I have brought this upon myself and that neither Samsung, CyanogenMod or Maclaw offer any warranty, but it would be great if it could be fixed.

    Has anyone else seen intermittent reboots / shutdowns on their GGS3mini’s with CM11? If so, has anyone found a fix?

    Looking forward to seeing a newer build in the not too distant future.

    • RIchard David says:

      Just thought I’d mention that since installing Android Assistant, all the random reboots and shutdowns have STOPPED!
      I don’t know what this means, but I suspect that AA is killing off unused apps and freeing up resources?

    • RIchard David says:

      After nearly 2 months, the 20140308 build got very flaky. It would randomly reboot a lot unless I used a task killer, but the task killers more often than not killed me clock. I’m now running with 20140430 build, and it is waaaaaaay more stable. No more reboots – BUT Chrome and Google+ went haywire (excessive battery and glitchy) and had to be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Much better now, but Chrome can still cause freezing after a long time.

  • Christoph says:

    Dear Maclaw Team,

    first of all i want to thank you for your great work adapting KitKat to the S3.

    But, as life is, i still have some Issues to deal with.

    I got 20140315 release flashed on my S3 since yeasterday, but:

    1. there is no Vibration, Ringtone or StatusBar Notification while recieving Messages via Whatsapp or Aquamail.
    2. the Videocamera is not working anymore (i´ll use another one so this is not really a big Issue)
    3. Phone switches off or is rebooting while loading.
    4. i noticed an exessive Battery drain in Wifi Mode, exept i put a choke on the CPU Frequency.

    I also wiped the dalvik cache but its nothing better since then 🙁

    Please help me with these Issues, because i like this ROM really much and i certainly want to keep it.


  • yasin says:

    hi guys:) first i wanna say you are awesome! i am an s3 mini user. untill today there was no prob. for cm11. but today i have made wipe. and then set my apk’s up. but now whatsapp is not working. there was no problem before. all did today man:( then i have download and setup new release (today one). but still it is not working. it is not making sms description and
    not calling me back! also my friend has called me about this. same thing has done him today! what is it reason? i wait for your helps! thank you guys you are really wonderful:))

  • bazuca says:

    Stuck on boot screen… i’ve done everything i know, any sugestions?

  • maza27 says:

    Hi help me to change bootlogo for s3 mini please

  • CM build 20140322 and ART really did improve battery life on my s3 mini.
    Thank you so much MacLaw!

  • John says:

    I do, I have it on my phone and since using Maclaws ROMs I havent been able to use it. so yes, I care about NFT

  • yasin says:

    hi guys! i have a big problem! i am an s3 mini user. i have flashed the last version of cm11 rom. however art is not working on my phone. it is not being activated!!! i select art instead of dalvik and phone restarts. but when i check it, still dalvik is active! i tried several times… help me please:( thanks guys:))

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Hmm that is weird cause I had no trouble activating ART. You will notice first boot takes a REALLY long time optimizing apps if you get it working. Sorry I cant help you more.

  • Jose Sojo says:

    I’ve installed Carbon in my s3 mini version L 4.4.2 but has some bugs for example:

    Video Camara record , Email app exchange, I need help to fix it.


  • Allan Hundeboll says:

    I have been using Maclaws CM11 for about a month now and never seen the clock stop bug – Before today, I sleep over cause the alarm didn’t ring. I’m trying hard to figure out what I have changed to make the clock hang but I don’t I have changed anything, its really weird!

  • Dexler says:

    Dear Maclaw:
    I know that you are very bussy, but I have a little question.
    When I turn off the lights of the menu and back buttons, they sucedenly turn on again, so, i have to go back every time to turn it off, but it show that is supposed to be off. Then i re-check it and turn off, but ligths turn on once, may you share a line to help me whit it? is the only error i have found on this excellent rom. PD I have an s3 mini whit the latest rom kitkat 4.4.2 ,
    Thaks for the great job.

  • mk says:

    Dear maclaw tnx for ur terrible efforts.All functions wor grreat but I have a i minor problem in my cyanogenmod 10.1bluetooth is stuck means its not turning on…can u plz help me.

  • Zakaria says:

    I search but cannot find correct and newest link kitkat for i9070
    Please email to me please

  • Zakaria says:

    Excuce me I found it true link for i9070
    I love you
    Tanks a lot

  • Kris says:

    Is there a md5sum issue with cyagenomod for Samsung Galaxy Ace?!

    Checking the md5sum manually for the downloaded file I get:
    file: cm11.0_codina.maclaw.20140322.zip 100% f81f687af3ff7ecf14f2ad204bfef363

    On the dl-site (http://get.novafusion.pl/?id=852) it says the sum should be 935f554e76af403c111a97e7995d4b5e

    Can anyone confirm the issue? Thanks!

  • NL_Derek says:

    I installed cm10.1_gio.maclaw.20130908.zip on my Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 and almost everything works. What doesn’t work is Bluetooth keyboard. I can pair OK but it does not appear in Settings > Input. Bluetooth mouse works fine and the keyboard works on my tablet, so all hardware is on order.

    Any suggestions?

  • Manoj says:

    how to enable SElinux?

  • omri_21 says:

    Does the updates within the phone work? (i.e “check for updates” in Setting)

  • Michele (IT) says:

    I have installed cyanogenmod 10.2 on my s3 mini; it work fine…
    But I have found three problem:
    1) BlueTooth mouse paired width phone, but pointer don’t show and don’t work;
    2) BlueTooth keyboard paired width phone but the system ignore them;
    3) for my surprise this ROM don’t include FM radio tuner!!!

  • Tai says:


    How can I remove wifi completely so it doesn’t work and also so it won’t show on the menu bar etc…


  • M Burhan Chohan says:

    Since I install CM11 on my S3 mini i am having problem with Mobile Network, Suddenly it is showing no mobile network then i have to restart the mobile to get my network back. please tell me what is the solution.

  • Leon van Zyl says:

    Where is the paranoid android for galaxy gio really want it but cant find anywhere also AOSP for gio ?

  • Leave a Reply